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Omni William Penn Hotel - Real Haunts in Pittsburgh PA

  • 530 William Penn Pl.
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • (412) 281-7100
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This 4-star hotel dates back to the early 1900's and is where JFK has stayed, and Bob Hope proposed to his wife in 1934. The hotel is said to have two floors that are haunted - 22 and 23, both unused. Reports here include cold wind gusts, strange clouds, and ghosts that like to hide and watch people, creating an eerie feeling for the living. It has also been said that a murder took place on these floors at some point in the hotel's history.
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  • Scary as hell

    I stayed here on floor 9 and felt a very wary presence in my room, and I was terrified of the bathroom. I don’t recommend it at all!! I was actually terrified! My friend came over and felt the need to leave the bathroom door over because she was scared about the bathroom! I’m am so scared of this hotel

    Posted 5/26/24

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  • Moving Pictures

    I stayed on the 9th floor during a work conference. I had creepy vibes as soon as I checked into my room, I was many turns far down the hallways and the room was so large with empty corners. The first night, I was on the phone with my mom, laying in the bed which was parallel to the two windows in my room that had a picture on the wall in between them. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I see the bottom of the picture frame lift off the wall and slam back down. It was so loud my mother heard it on the phone. There was nothing below, above, or on the other side of the wall to make the picture frame do that. I called the front desk and they explained I had an experience and would like to move rooms. They did not question or make any comments, not sure if it’s because they thought I was crazy or this is a regular occurrence. I was moved to another room on the 9th floor by the elevators and had no more experiences there.

    Posted 5/17/24

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    I stayed at this hotel with my volleyball team. We had 3 nights the first night was fine. I was on the 12th floor and everything was fine. We decided to go on an adventure and find where the theathre used to be. We climbed over the railings and went up stairs we were not supposed to be but what can I say? We were teenagers curious ?? . It got really cold quickly and dark. We heard a voice to get down here and we all ran back down. A guy told us we could not be up there and asked him if there’s any spooky stories. He said that there was a story back in the early 50’s where a lady hung herself on the top theathre stage. Stage is not used anymore and is blocked off for good. It was a perfectly good looking theathre that could’ve been used. Then we found out that if u look and every elevator but one it has a floor 13 button. None of the elevators but one have floor 13. We kept going with our adventures and went up the stairwell where floor 13, 22, 23 were emergency exits only. U can open the door up no alarm will go off. I will say to not do it because it was a cold stinky smell on floor 13 and we weren’t going to even attempt floor 22 and 23. If anyone goes let me know how it is. Overall, I got to say this hotel truly is haunted to many crazy things have gone on with strange hallways noises and room just feeling off for a second. I will say overall this hotel so big u can explore it all night just don’t get kicked out !

    Posted 11/1/23

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  • Doors don't lock on their own....

    I stayed at this hotel for two nights. Nothing really felt that off about the room I had on the 6th floor, but there was something about the bathroom that felt VERY strange, so every time I would leave the bathroom I'd close the door behind me, so that it wasn't left to open while I was sleeping or hanging out in the room. Idk, something about it gave me the heeby jeebies. The day I checked out I had to leave very early, so at 4:00 in the morning I did everything I had to do in the bathroom, and closed the door behind me one last time. Just as I was about to leave the room, I went to the bathroom to grab a tissue. You can imagine my surprise when the door was locked from the inside! I rattled the doorknob and kept messing with it, but it was most definitely locked. The second I loosened my grip to let go, I hear a click. It unlocked. I opened and closed that door at least a dozen times during my stay, and never had an issue with the lock. Needless to say, I did NOT open that door ?? My closet door kept opening on its own throughout the trip no matter how many times I closed it, which I had attributed to just being old and not clicking closed completely. The bathroom door incident definitely made me think maybe it was something else ??

    Posted 7/27/23

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  • Saw a ghost!

    My boyfriend and I stayed here 7/7-7/8 on the 16th floor. The first night we didn't have any issues, but the second night things got weird. We got back up to our room around midnight after a wedding reception to change and freshen up when we heard a knock the door that connects to the room next door. We heard a women's voice saying "Can I come in?" We asked what for, and she replied letting us know that she had to wake up at 6am. We apologized if we were being too loud and left to go to the after party. At 3am we came back to the room with a few friends. We let them know that we had to keep it down because the woman next door needed to wake up early. This is when one of our friend's pointed out that we were the last room at the end of the hall (there was no room next door) the only thing next to our room was the elevator shaft. At this point we were a bit spooked, but decided to investigate and open our side of the door. Right as we did this, the other door swung open and there was a lady standing there in her night gown. All 5 of us saw her. She looked angry and said again that she needed to wake up at 6am. She was standing there for about 20 seconds before she closed the door. The following day driving home we couldn't stop thinking about it, so I called the hotel to ask which room connected to ours with that door. He put me on hold, and then he confirmed what we all suspected. There was no connecting room! The only thing next to us was a maintenance closet or something for the elevator shaft!!! Even more weird, when I explained to him that had a paranormal experience there, the hotel guy responded with "yeah....sorry about that." As if this was not the first time he was hearing about this! Craziest thing that's ever happened to me. It's hard to not believe in ghosts after staying here.

    Posted 7/20/23

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  • Flight or Fright

    Scary but not as scary as crew scheduling

    Posted 6/14/23

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  • Beautiful Historic Hotel

    I stayed here recently on the 8th floor and felt absolutely nothing creepy. I highly recommend this hotel. It is gorgeous!

    Posted 3/11/23

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  • Nightmare on Omni Street

    I absolutely despise this hotel & I don’t understand the people who admire the creepy, evil, & eerie vibes this hotel gives off. Especially in the halls & rooms they offer. I’ve stayed here 3 times & the last 2 times I’ve had terrible experiences. The first time I experienced something creepy was on the 16th floor in my room. I came back from a long work trip & I closed my blinds, shut all the lights off, & went to bed. I kept having nightmares to the point I literally felt like I couldn’t go back to sleep bc I was so scared to experience the horrifying dreams I was having. I felt like someone was also watching me in the corner of my room but I ignored it bc I truly do believe if you give “it” energy, it’ll make the presence stronger. I ended up turning my lamp on and going to bed with the light on bc of it. Then the last time I stayed there was 2 days ago…. The most creepiest experience I’ve ever had. It was 3 am and I had my tv on & the lamp dimmed so I can have a little bit of light. It was the lamp you turn the knob to get more or less light. My lamp slowly dimmed to the “off” setting & I jumped out of bed & turned every single light on in the room including the bathroom. I didn’t go to bed till the sun came up & made sure my blinds were open so sunlight shined in my room. I definitely felt an evil presence in my room, & I truly believe if a spirit is “friendly” you wouldn’t feel a heaviness or darkness from within. Whatever presence was in my room that night definitely was trying to prove something to me but I prayed over my life & my room and the entity never came back. Also forgot to mention how I heard noises coming from my bathroom like the toilet making noises or the faucet making sounds (unless it was all in my head…) I wouldn’t wish this hotel stay on my worse enemy. I recommend anybody staying here to be careful & aware of their spiritual well being.

    Posted 3/6/23

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