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Hotel Conneaut - Real Haunted Place

  • 12382 Center Street
  • Conneaut Lake, PA
  • 814-213-0120
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Established in 1903, the hotel set along a beautiful lakeside is believed to be haunted by several ghosts. There's the ghost of a bride who reportedly died in a fire, a young boy who died falling down stairs, and the mad butcher who was dismembered in the kitchen. Room 321 is particularly haunted with that of a doomed bride.
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  • My experiance

    Yesterday I stayed there,at 3:00 am something woke me up. I started looking around the room and I heard a big slam right next to the corner and I look over and I see this dark figer it had the hight of a man and it had glowing red eyes. I run for the light! I turn on the light and nothing was there. I turned the light off and went back to bed. I woke up again but I was in sleep paralysis the figure was there again but at the end of my bed. I fell asleep and some up in the morning and left right away.

    Posted 12/26/18

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  • My creepy

    When I stayed here last weeekend I had really creepy experiences. My first experince happens around midnight, I asleep when something woke me up around midnight and the noise i heard was squeaking so brushed it off as a mouse just moving around in the walls. But the squeaking was getting louder and louder like it was right outside my room. My room was located near the back stairwell. So i got out of bed and went to invesagte what was making this squeaking sound. When I opens the door to back stairwell i saw a figure of some little kid riding a tricycle. This was very weird as there was no one there that any children. So I decided to take out my phone and ask a couple of questions to this figure. BEfore I even asked my first question but i presssed record so in case a voice came through and when i played the recording back I heard something the was very startling and the figure of the little kids had asked my if i was his mother. I wanted to take a photo but when i got my phone the figure disappeared. My next experience was near the kitchen downstairs . When i went near the kitchen i had very bad feeling that something happens in the kitchen and I’m a psychic so I had visions that a either a cook or a butcher killed themselves down here and the feeling had made feel very uneasy and I felt like someone was watching my every move. When I turned around there was no one there but the feeling of someone still watching had creeped me out I heard either a door open or a one of the ddrawers in the kitchen open and then I sensed a feeling of hatred towards me standing and at that time I knew someone was watching me and I didn’t like it not one bit . So I pressed the record button on my phone to see if I could capture a EVP. After about 5 minutes passed I decided to play the recording back and what I caught on the recording really really scared the life out of me. The recording said that if i don’t leave a will throw a knife at your head and i will continue to keep throwing them if you don’t get out of my kitchen. I felt like what was down there wasn’t happy with being there but I stayed and out of the corner of my eye I saw something hit the wall right beside and I looked I saw a butcher knife stuck in the wall and the knife was very close to and I caught another EVP saying that I warned you and I wasn’t playing with you. Before I left I saw a butcher covered with blood standing across the room from me. I sensed that he was not happy with me, so I ran as fast as I could because the butcher looked like he was starring into souls and that me feel very uneasy. My last experience of the night was on third floor near Room 321 which is Elizabeth’s room. When I was walking down the hallway to her room the door of the rooom opened by itself and the room was begging me to come in there. So I went into Elizabeth’s room and I admittedly felt some sadness in there. I swear I felt Elizb ‘a presence in the room with me. I really felt terrible that she didn’t survive the fire the day before her wedding day and she burned in the fire while her fiancée thought she was a;ready outside . I started another EVP session. After five minutes i stopped and played to back the recording which I took and heard what sounded like someone crying and then I heard someone which sounded like a lady saying that it’s not fair and I was too young to die in threat fire and I never married my the love of life. When i heard the I started crying beachside of upset she was and I could feel her pain. Then I got another EVP of her saying she was stuck here forever and that her fiancée didn’t come look for her and she still counties to cry and then she said that her fiancée never even looked for her and that he just went outside and thought I was out there but I wasn’t upside I was here buring to death looking for him when he just left me here to die the night before our wedding. I will never forgive him for doing that to me. I was young. After I listened to the EVPs I said something to Elizabeth and I said that I was very sorry for what happened to you and that you never got married the next day but it was wrong of your fiancée just to leave you here burning to death and that he thought you were already outside when the hotel caught fire. But you were in here the look for him and you didn’tknow he was already outside. The next thing I knew i felt some really cold air around me and then I felt like someone’ was hugging me and when I realized what was happening that I just hugged back a ust of really cold air knowing that Eilzabeth understand that I felt her pain. I had really great experiences and one creepy experience at the hotel.

    Posted 7/4/18

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  • Our stay

    We stayed here a couple weeks ago and had a couple experiences. While staying in a room we saw a ball of light in the corner of our room. Plus a woman in white in the ballroom in the middle of the night.

    Posted 9/24/16

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