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Academia Girl’s School - Academia PA Haunted Place

  • Academia Rd.
  • Academia, PA
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These ruins remain of an 1800's building that was destroyed by a fire. There are many eerie stories that surround the place, one being of a gardener who set fire to cover his tracks after raping and killing many students. Another story says the girls at the school all died from a mysterious illness. The students' ghosts are said to linger on the property and can sometimes be heard crying or singing "London Bridge." Their murderer's apparition has been seen sitting on the steps of the nearby church, wearing all black. Other stories about the area include a phantom black hound, a force that drains car batteries and a curse on the land.
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  • Demon in the flesh

    This was years ago but still fresh in my mind. I had went a few times with a group of ppl. We went up to the old school house. This when it was fully intacted. I believe it could of been around 1998 or so not entirely sure. But some went inside some stayed outside. I began to come inside when someone had shouted to get out. They seen glowing red eyes staring out the top window. So we got out ran down the hill. Past the graveyard. Got back into the vehicle. Drove around the graveyard once n was parked just beyond the graveyard at the bottom. Someone Said shine yr head lights over here I think I see something... Coming down the hill about 10 to 12 feet away was a large Minotaur looking creature. It has some type of axe in its hands. It would come close the vehicle. Taking three steps then stopping. Waiting then another 3 steps th pole light that is there it shines mostly on the area in front to the church. But I could see the creature sweat glistening off it's body. As it approached more. We got out of their. I don't believe anyone got any footage of it bc we all were in shock n terror . So yes there is some sort of guardian there.

    Posted 2/28/24

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  • Car wouldn't start

    I grew up in Juniata County only living about 5 miles away from this place. My friends and I checked it out back in 2009, as I remember my mother saying creepy stuff about the school. So we went, it was creepy from the moment we arrived, we pulled up the church driveway (we were smart and backed up into it) we heard girls voices and heard a dog's bark. It was cold there and it was in the middle of summer. We hung out there for a little bit. We kept hearing more strange noises then decided to leave. The car would not start no matter how many times we tried. So we put it in neutral and pushed it down the hill. When we were off the property the car finally did start. Scary place.

    Posted 8/7/21

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  • Spooky Stuff

    Me and my boyfriend visited a few times over the last couple days. The first time, we did the 3 loops around both the church and graveyard. After doing this, we noticed the generator fans began to run randomly every time we would pull up to the side of the church. They would stop then immediately run again. Freaked out, we left, but 2 nights later we returned again, this time with recording apps since we do not have any ghost hunting equipment. Right as we got to the church, we checked the generators and they were not on. We did the 3 loops again both at the graveyard and church and the generators began running erratically again. We pulled up to the side of the church and my boyfriend and I heard a tap on the side of the car, and shortly after, I heard the rattling or clanking of chains moving. Not sure how legit Ghosttube SLS is, or EMF phone recorders, but we picked up a figure in front of the car, and as the figure appeared, my EMF showed high levels of activity for a split second, then the figure disappeared. We caught a snapshot from video we recorded, and there appears to be a female face in the window. Being that this was grounds to a female seminary, it would make sense that female spirits linger on the grounds. I am very skeptical about spirits, but this place is definitely fun and worth checking out.

    Posted 5/4/21

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  • I've been there 3 years ago when I was 19 with friends

    Few years back in about 2017 or 18 I was there with a group of friends we went to the famous covered bridge my one friends girlfriends little brother was on the bridge smoking a cigarette and she took a picture of him and there was clearly a face not for my cigarette smoke we started at the top of the nearby Church above the graveyard kind of an eerie vibe it was late at night/early morning I thought we saw dark figures maybe the black dog so people say oh man that is set to stay on the steps porch of the church weirdest thing of all after we left the bridge to go back to our car where we parked after we moved from the church to go to the bridge got back in the car and the car would not start took about 5 minutes before our car would restart and there is a rumor that the spirits around it'll drain your car battery that I do believe I even tried starting the car myself and it wouldn't work so I knew my friend wasn't just messing around! It's worth a drive if you're not too far go at night!

    Posted 10/30/20

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  • Man in black

    Don't walk up the church drive way it will just piss him off u can also smell death up there. The smell of rotten blood and flesh if u r a girl under 18 don't go unless u have at least two men over 18

    Posted 6/6/20

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  • Never been to the site

    I've personally never been there, but I've heard about experiences from other people. They have mentioned the black dog and apparitions in the windows of the church nearby. The school, officially known as The Tuscarora Female Seminary was chartered in 1857, according to a book written by a local man named Wayne Taylor who taught history for 33 years in Juniata County. Interestingly enough, he recently had another book published. I think the title is Ghosts of Academia or Spirits of Academia. Might be worth reading to anyone who is interested

    Posted 10/6/19

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